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One of the most enjoyable tasks

on the way to create a work of art.


I want to tell you about one of our most unique projects: Fortuna Redux.
The idea was to create the first coin in the shape of a cylinder containing obverse, reverse, and another additional surface.
Mercury was chosen as the theme: Roman god of trade, profit and merchants..., also the god of thieves and tax collectors. Messenger of gods.

A great amount of space on the coin that we have successfully managed to fill… ☺

But let’s start from the very beginning:

As soon as Mercury was chosen, the first associations that sprang to mind were: the Roman god, coin, commerce, trade route... a map ?,... Yes! A map of the sky, star constellations, merchants and sailors seeking the right way glancing at the sky. Journey... Mercury... winged feet...

The project is complete as it tells it all.

On the reverse of Fortuna Redux you can see a gold coin with a profile of the Roman god with the constellation of stars with the planet Mercury underneath. This map was made with a laser.

The obverse presents a diagonal figure of Mercury with his winged feet. You can see a wonderful old map of the ancient trade routes in the background. Since it’s a coin, you’ll notice the figure of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Mercury is modelled on a bronze sculpture of Giovanni Bologna.

The coin’s last surface is surprising: just look at what’s happening with Mercury’s feet when you turn the coin... They’re moving!