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Urszula Walerzak

I have been working for The Mint of Poland since 1999, as a visual artist and a medallier. My every day job is creating coins and medals.

What does my work look like? I start from a graphic design of a coin, then I make a plaster model. That stage, of handsculpting an image of my coin – first in a plasticine and then in plaster – I always consider the most satysfying and important. When it is ready I scan a plaster model and make the final digital record of a medal or a coin. I design them for a Polish National Bank, The Mint of Poland Treasury, and international issuers, among others.

I have graduated from The Wojciech Gerson State High School of Fine Arts in Warsaw with a diploma in the art of arranging exhibitions. Then, I have also graduated from The College of Cultural Management in Poznań.

My works have been repeatedly appreciated and rewarded both in Poland and abroad.


These awards I consider my biggest achievements in the field of coin design:

• Honourable mention in Coin Constellation 2009 Sankt Petersburg: third award for 20 rubel coin ‘’Novosele” issued by National Bank of the Republic of Belarus

• Special award from net surferers Coin Constellation 2009 for 500 rubel coin ‘’Mikolaj Cudotworca” issued by National Bank of the Republic of Belarus

• COTY 2010 - Coin of the Year Award 2010 for 200zl coin – 65th Anniverary of Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

• COTY 2011 - Coin of the Year Award 2011 for 10zl coin – 70th Anniverasy of Formation of Polish Underground State

• Coin Constellation 2011 second award for gift coin, Christmas star 1Dollar, 2010 Niue Island

• Coin Constellation 2013 – second award for a unique conception - The 2012 UEFA European Championship (a set of 4 coins with a nominal value of 10 zł)

• 28th Mint Directors Conference in Mexico City 2014 – main award in category most technologically advanced coin of free mass – Fortuna Redux 50 Dollars Niue Island

• Coin Constellation 2014 second award in the category "Unique Idea Concept" – Fortuna Redux 50 Dollars Niue Island